Real Life Minimalism

I have to confess, I like reading blogs, books and forums about minimalism, decluttering and living a simpler life with less stuff.

Anyone who has set foot in our house recently starts laughing when they hear the above statement, as our house is undoubtedly suffering from CHAOS syndrome (Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome). There is stuff everywhere at the moment, all of it waiting for me to ‘have time to sort it’. One day I will – just not this semester. I’m doing a full time study load and working three days a week, so the state of our house is a little low on the list of priorities just now.

At least my house isn’t this bad…

But, I do like reading blogs, and is one of my favourites and is updated about four times a week, so there’s often something new to read, and the back catalogue is pretty good too.

One of the best posts I have come across on that blog though, and the subject of this particular blog post I’m writing, is a guest post that caught my eye this morning.

Ashley has written about how minimalists often try and ‘compete’ to be minimal – doing the “one thing in, one thing out challenge”, the “only own 100 things challenge”, the “33 pieces of clothing for 13 weeks challenge” and the “I can live on a futon with a spoon and a bowl and an iPad and be happy” challenge (yes, I did make that last one up!) But true minimalism is not about competing. It’s about finding a particular living arrangement that suits you perfectly and frees you up to spend time on other, more important things.

For me, I’ll be working on clearing out the garage and organising the lounge over this summer. I know that sounds like a long way away, but it’ll probably take me that long to get around to it… and I need to create enough other spaces for all the stuff to go… and maybe even hire a skip bin.

Have you dabbed with minimalism and decluttering in your life? How was it?

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2 Responses to Real Life Minimalism

  1. We did throw out half a house full of stuff when we moved from Mangakino. Queen bed, single bed, sofa bed, unused kitchen stuff, towels, really old second hand blankets, old computer and TV.. the list goes on…. Seems to have been replaced by new stuff though 😦 If you can’t be bothered selling stuff on trademe- we took photos of everything and showed them to the lady at the second hand shop down the road. She offered a price for all of it and even came and picked it up with a trailer. You make less money but its also less hassle.

  2. strivingforsimple says:

    I started purging a few years ago, and we are still in the process. Somehow the junk finds its way back in! It feels good to clear the home, it also clears the mind.

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