Decluttering v2.0

I’ve found myself with some spare time this weekend, in between going for two runs, putting in some overtime at work and visiting the local farmer’s market.

So, I ended up tackling one of the ‘hot spots’ in our house – the space between the end of the couch and the bookshelf. It’s where things end up being dumped when I realise that the couch needs to be cleared in a hurry.

What is a hot spot? In decluttering terms, it’s one of these…

By hot spots, I mean the areas of the house which are used frequently and require regular attention to keep them under control. (

Clutter naturally gravitates towards hot spots

Mine had all sorts of things in it… the most interesting finds were:

  • a collection of toy guns that I vaguely remembered collecting from the Western-themed work conference earlier this year (kept the best one, op-shopped the rest)
  • an assortment of card-making stock and accessories (given to a friend)
  • a Max dress that I was given that is far too small for me (op-shop)
  • another dress that I was given that is far too big for me (op-shop)
  • something that was knitted, green and fluffy. A UFO maybe? (op-shop… maybe they will know what it is)
  • an assortment of Tupperware containers (back into the kitchen!)
  • a cloth badge celebrating the centenary of GirlGuiding New Zealand (I’ve since arranged to swap it with someone in Birmingham, UK, for a Roald Dahl-themed one)

After about an hour of hard work, I’ve finished that hot spot. Now to tackle some of the others: particularly under the couch and in front of the cupboards in the garage!

What sort of interesting things have you found while decluttering?

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2 Responses to Decluttering v2.0

  1. This gave me a nudge to tackle my hotspots. Oh….

  2. _tania says:

    It motivated me to keep going as well – I just finished up the long-overdue task of claiming back the space in front of the garage cupboards! Only took an hour – and I’d been putting it off for six months!

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