A [minimalist] black dress

Last week I popped into Jacqui E (a local fashion store) to pass some time while I was waiting for Andrew’s shirt to be altered just up the road.

I wasn’t really looking for anything specific – but as often happens in Jacqui E, I saw Something I Liked.

This Something I Liked happened to be a little black dress.

I should point out here that I already have a little black dress. I bought it years ago for a friend’s 21st birthday and it has done me pretty well for $39.95. Lately though, my love affair with my little black dress has waned a little. The fabric is a bit too shiny and the length a little long, and it hugs my shape in all the wrong places.

I thought there wouldn’t be any harm in just trying on the little black dress I found in Jacqui E. After all, I could always put it back, and no-one would be any the wiser.

I should have known better, trying on a dress that looks like this…

The Bengaline dress from Jacqui E

I fell in love with this dress the second I tried it on. I didn’t love the price tag so much ($160!) but I loved the way it made me feel, and the way that every person in the shop told me how good it looked.

So, I rationalised. I could leave the dress on the hanger, go home, and try and remind myself of how good I once looked in my existing black dress. Or, I could buy the new black dress, slap the $160 on the Visa card to be paid in January, and then clear out my wardrobe of all the dresses that don’t fit me quite so well.

It was no contest. My wallet is now $160 lighter and my wardrobe has a few less ill-suited dresses lurking in it. I’ve also got the $160 saved from my weekly allowance so I’m earning interest on it before I need to pay it.

I think the little black dress is an example of the essence of minimalism – choosing to own fewer, better quality things that make you happy, rather than owning a mass of average stuff that makes you feel average.

What item do you have that’s like my little black dress?

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1 Response to A [minimalist] black dress

  1. Everything I own! I have one pair of jeans and one jacket that I wear all the time. I’m super good at wearing things until they fall to bits.

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