Decluttering my fantasy self

Yesterday and today I stumbled across two great blog posts that have resulted in a manic decluttering mission in our house.

The first one was called “How to declutter when you are a hoarder”, and it can be found in the member’s forum on

Lorax had written a post that I resonated with only too well. She writes about how she owns a picnic mat big enough for 15 people and a wicker picnic basket. These things would be perfect if Lorax spent her weekends picnicking in the English countryside. The reality is that Lorax lives in Australia and actually hikes to picnic spots off the beaten track, where a backpack is more useful than a fancy basket. Lorax challenged all of us to think about what we own – do we have it because it serves a purpose for our actual lives, or do we have it because we like the idea of being someone who owns such a thing?

Miss Minimalist, who I’ve mentioned before, wrote an equally thought-provoking post about decluttering the fantasy self. ( Francine puts out the idea that not only does ‘fantasy self” clutter sap our energy, it also stops us from being the person we actually are.

As I wandered around our house last night, I saw lots of things that represented my fantasy self.

My fantasy self is into craft projects and has a stash of fabric and craft supplies for finishing said projects
My actual self can’t finish any craft project

My fantasy self is a connoisseur of New Zealand-themed art prints
My actual self has a random collection of prints stashed around the house. Some of them I like. A lot of them I don’t.

My fantasy self reads many classics
My actual self has a Kindle and likes reading historical romance!

The fabric stash is being given to a good friend who will use it. The art prints are sitting in a pile, to be sorted through with Andrew when he is back from his current trip, and the books have been sent to the op-shop for someone else to enjoy.

As a result, my house and my head are a little bit clearer, so that the real me can start making some real dreams come true.

What are you holding on to that your fantasy self loves, but makes your actual self feel mentally drained when you think about it?

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7 Responses to Decluttering my fantasy self

  1. Andrew says:

    Yay, it’s my turn to throw out your pile of junk!

  2. Fairy says:

    Great sentiments, Tania. Life is for living, not fantasising.

    • _tania says:

      Thanks Fairy – I agree totally. Just this morning I dropped off six rubbish bags full of ‘stuff’ to the local charity bin – and an hour later I could not tell you half of what was in there. I do lurk on your blog a bit, love your writing!

  3. Bek Wong says:

    “Your appearance now is what we call residual self image. It is the mental projection of your digital self.”
    ―Morpheus to Neo

    When I was in my late teens, I collected pretty-looking classics, only to find that 1) I have to keep my possessions to a minimum as I have to move and 2) I don’t really like reading Shakespeare for fun.
    Enjoyed your article, then went through my pantry. Some things were old, some I can’t find a recipe for; so some food was thrown out. I also found it easier to throw out things from the ‘bumf pile’ after a few weeks away. If you are never going to craft it, pass it on/turf it.

    • _tania says:

      I agree totally Bek – my craft/sewing collection now takes up two carefully organised shoeboxes, instead of one large boxand a plethora of sewing stuff stashed in various places around the house.

      I have started on one craft project – a fabric Advent calendar that I want to get finished by this coming Christmas. In a moment of non-minimalist weakness I bought another 6 ready-to-make Advent calendars, which I am hoping to sew in time to sell around Christmas time, or give to family as gifts.

      • bek wong says:

        Ha! My first attemt at organising was putting all my stuff of a similar category together. As I recall, I had a banana box of art/craft material including paper. Now I have a small sewing zip bag, ice cream container of beading goods and a small bag of cool fun craft suff. Progress!

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