Shopping at home

Every Friday, our wonderful cleaner Michelle comes to give our place a quick whip-around with the vacuum and the mop.

Every Thursday night, I race around the house doing a last-minute tidy up. Since I started making a concentrated effort to declutter, it takes a lot less time, but it still needs to happen.

Every Thursday night, I get to the bathroom, look at the crowded pile of ‘stuff’ on the vanity, and think that I really should start sorting that out.

This morning, the sorting out started to happen, although not in the way I had imagined!

I washed my face with the cleansing solution I use once in a blue moon. As my face started to tingle, I realised that it had been a few years since I bought that facial cleanser. Into the bin it went – I know that cosmetics have an expiry date, and it makes sense to me that cleansers would too. I also couldn’t decipher half the ingredients, and that’s something that I’m gradually thinking about.

I went hunting through the vanity cupboard for the toner I knew was in there somewhere. Then I realised – I bought that toner with my sister-in-law on a shopping trip in 2008 sometime. I undid the lid of the toner, and as I did, I managed to knock the whole thing over. The end result – I have a shiny clean bathroom sink, and I need to buy some more toner that’s not 5 years old and smelling like acid!

Lastly, I went looking for moisturiser. I couldn’t find any, and my first thought was ‘oh well, I’ll need to go buy some more’. Then I remembered that I had bought Andrew a few different types over the years, and he often didn’t use them. So, I went ‘shopping at home’.

Shopping at home – it’s where instead of rushing out to buy the thing you desperately need, you have a look around your own home and see what might work instead.

I went hunting through Andrew’s bedside cabinet, and sure enough, there was an unopened bottle of sorbelene moisturiser that I had bought him fairly recently. I quickly appropriated that for my use, and no longer need to go spend $5-10 on new moisturiser for me. [Disclaimer: Andrew has another one that he prefers to use, so I’m not stealing his stuff.]

Stop — think — save: and shop at home 🙂

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