Bucket List

Some of this is going to have to wait till we graduate and have money again.
* Auckland
– Kayak around Rangitoto – Summer 4 days – Depart Bucklands Beach. Camp on beach near light house, shipwreck bay, causeway Home Bay back to Bucks -Side trip to Noisies and Rakino Is.
– Kayak to Waiheke
– Explore Waiheke. See Stony Batter. Hire scooters
– Kite buggy the top end of Muriwai (needs 4wd)
Bethels Lake Wainamu –  Take body boards and ride down the sand dunes straight into the water — DONE
– Freecamp Whites Beach
– Freecamp Browns Island
– Visit Anawata
– Waharau to Whakatiwai camp and tramp
– Kayak explore the Manukau Harbour
— Free camp on beaches
— Langholm
— Cornwallis Wharf
— Manukau Harbour Radio
* North Island
– Redo Cape Reinga and Northland
– Te Paki Stream
– Camp at Tapotupotu Bay
– Spirits Bay
– North Cape
– Rangiputa
– Kayak and camp on dunes at Opononi (Hokianga Northern head)
– Camp at Kai Iwi Lakes
– Goat Island (camp at Matakana + markets)
– Swim at Tairua waterhole
– Visit White Island
— 3 hour helicopter ride $780
– Climb Mt Taranaki
– Hike to the top of a snow covered mountain, spend the night and watch the sun rise
– Kayak and camp at Lake Tarawera
Kerosene Creek – DONE
– East Cape, Gisborne to Whakatane via the coast camping on the way.
– Explore the gorge between Opotiki and Gisborne
Mangatutu Hot Springs north of Napier –  Nothing like sitting in natural hot pools on the bank of a river. Watch out for the spiders. – DONE
– Snowboard – Done – It’s too hard. Stick with skiing  
* South Island
– Visit Stewart Island
– ExpLore Farewell Spit
– Kayak Able Tasman
– Kayak across Lake Ellesmere
* Australia
– Drive across the outback and visit the waterfalls and swimming holes on the ads.
* Around the world
– Greece
– Antartica
– Nepal
– Hike in the Grand Canyon / Zion Nat Park – Been there would love to do a longer trip, AS.
– Jerusalem (T)
– Middle East
– Vatican City (T)
* Places to live
– South of France/Mediteranian etc
– Tanzania
– Kilimanjaro – Stand on summit together
– Safari – Done, AS.
– Camp in national park
– Be woken up by lions or elephants outside the tent
Snorkel at Peponi Beach Resort – Done, AS.
– South of France/Mediteranian, etc.
Chinese new Year – Done in Akl
– Diwali
* Activities
* Weekends
– Markets
— Otara – Done
— Matakana
– Clevedon – Done
– Mountain bike mission
– Rope swing finding mission
– Playground swings
– 10 Pin
– Pub Quiz
– Lan party – Bev/Mans/Chris Mark H/Michael C/Martyn
* Big Stuff
– Show (stomp/Cirque de Soleil/Chinese Circuis) DONE – Stomp in 09, pretty cool
– Hot air balloon
– Field days
Wanaka Mountain Film Festival – Tania did in 2008, highly recommend
– Trip on Ted Ashby (or other sail boat)
– Take Alan and Susan kayaking
* Others
– Gardening (T)
– Project – Life Camp/GGs, etc (T)  – DONE, never again, I was crazy organising a church camp for 105 people!
– 48Hour Film – Done – done it twice now. Maybe we’ll do it again…
– DIY project
— Bedside cabinet
– Finish Nepai/Africa scrapbook
– Italian Cooking Class (T)
* Challenges
– Restore a classic old house
– Restore a classic car
– Experience a white Christmas
– Do something in Tanzania that makes a permanent change to the way people live. Something that makes the people we are working with want to make a permanent change. Not something that we have to push to change and have them go back to their old ways.
– compete in the Plymouth to Dakar race
– Buy a 4WD and drive around the country visiting off the beaten track places, camping on sand dunes, etc.
– Turn 4WD into a camper
– fridge
– solar panel on roof to power fridge
– generator
– Hot shower
* Wedding – Done!
– Rarotonga Honeymoon – Done
– Kota Kinabalu honeymoon
– beach wedding
* Dating Ideas
– Sunset fondue
– picnic at the beach, watching stars, cuddles under blanket
– Photos around the city (T)
– Make romantic dinner (A)
– make cheese cake x2 (T)
– Kite
– Bike Farm Cove track
– Board games
— Carcassonne Hunters and Gatherers
— Monopoly (T)
– Make easter eggs (Spotlight)

3 Responses to Bucket List

  1. _andrew says:

    It better be, I’m not planning on kicking it any time soon.

  2. Bek Wong says:

    Camping at Kai Iwi lakes: don’t forget to get up for Sunrise at the lake edge. (I have photos.) Be aware, people like jet boating/skiiing on the lake.

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